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Bean, Verbal (Works of the Holy Ghost)
Verbal Bean (Works of the Holy Ghost)

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Rev. Verbal W. Bean

CD Box Set on Works of the Holy Ghost


There are sixteen lessons in this series entitled:  "Works of the Holy Ghost" taught by Verbal Bean. The complete series is listed at $85.00.  The audio quality is very good considering is was taught in the 1970's. It is well worth the price to own these valuable lessons and make them part of your library. When purchasing, just go to CD Options above the shopping cart, and click on WHG01. This will pay for the entire set of lessons.


  $85.00 for the box set of 16 CD's  
  Subjects Product Code
   1  The Time For Plowing  WHG01 
    2 How To Find The Will of God In Services   
    3 The Importance In Finding the Proper Chanel  
    4 How To Control the Power of God  
    5 The Difference In Human Emotions...  
    6 The Importance of Being Sensative to the Spirit  
    7 The Use of Angels  
    8 Overcoming the Forces of Satan  
    9 How To Get Converts to Pray Through  
   10 The Damaging Effects of Carnal Operations...  
   11 The Gifts of the Spirit  
   12 Obeying the Leading of the Holy Ghost  
   13 Gifts of the Spirit and Their Operations  
   14 Gifts of the Spirit and Their Operations  
   15 Gifts of the Spirit and Their Operations  
   16 The Spirit of Motherhood  

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