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Cavaness, Robert Cecil

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Elder Robert Cecil Cavaness

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

Sermons with No Dates

 Date Title Price Quality Product Code
N/A Armageddon and the Catholic System $10.00   RCC-A12
N/A Desire (Trinity, AL) $10.00   RCC-A14
N/A Divorce and Remarriage (Terre Haute, IN) $10.00   RCC-A15
N/A God Who Upholds All Things $10.00   RCC-A17
N/A God Keep Me Stirred $10.00   RCC-A16
N/A Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped Us (South Bend, IN) $10.00   RCC-A18
N/A Keep Apostolic Worship Alive (Denver, CO) $10.00   RCC-A19
N/A Natural Minded Men $10.00   RCC-A1
N/A Rest In the Lord (King's Port, TN) $10.00   RCC-A3
N/A Shaking Time (Noblesville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A4
N/A That I Should Not Go Far From My Sanctuary (Laurel, MS) $10.00   RCC-A5
N/A The Coming of the Lord (Shelbyville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A13
N/A The Need for Old Fashion Worship (Denver, CO) $10.00   RCC-A2
N/A There Is A Balm In Gilead (Beaumont, TX) $10.00   RCC-A6
N/A Things (Tennessee Camp) $10.00   RCC-A7
N/A To Die Is Gain $10.00   RCC-A8
N/A To Get Out (Stockton, TX) $10.00   RCC-A9
N/A What Is Man $10.00   RCC-A10
N/A What Kind of Preacher Would Be $10.00   RCC-A11

Sermons From 1960's

Date Title Price Quality Product Code
7-4-63 Prayer (Fort Worth, Texas) $10.00   RCC-A23
1964 He Brought Us Out to Bring Us In $10.00   RCC-A21
4-6-67 He Brought Us Out That He Might Bring Us In (South Bend, IN) $10.00   RCC-A22
1968 Be Strong In The Lord (Port Allen, LA.) $10.00   RCC-A20

Sermons Preached in 1970's

Date Title Price Quality Product Code
6-6-73 Rejecting Knowledge (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A42
6-6-73 The Day's Are Evil (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00 Poor RCC-A27
7-4-74 Behold What Manner of Love (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A25
1975 My Father, My Father (Joplin, MO.) $10.00   RCC-A37
9-15-76 The Purpose of Communion (Shelbyville. IN.) $10.00   RCC-A40
1977 Left Thy First Love $10.00   RCC-A36
1977 The Rapture $10.00   RCC-A41
1978 God's Sum Total (Las Vegas, NV.) $10.00   RCC-A29
7-4-78 A Wild Ass On the Loose $10.00   RCC-A24
12-14-78 The Place Where God's House Meet (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A38
12-16-78 God's Greatest Mystery (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A28
12-17-78 Where Is My House (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A47
1979 Bible Study $10.00   RCC-A26
3-17-79 Shaking Time $10.00   RCC-A43
3-22-79 He'll Be Back $10.00   RCC-A31
3-29-79 He'll Be Back (Trinity, AL.) $10.00   RCC-A30
5-28-79 What's Wrong With Israel (Joplin, MO.) $10.00   RCC-A46
6-8-79 Tomb Builders (Pine, LA.) $10.00   RCC-A44
7-3-79 It's Time to Open the Book (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A34
8-8-79 Professing Godliness (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A39
9-19-79 Keeping Your First Love $10.00   RCC-A35
12-13-79 House of Judgement (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A32
12-14-79 I Would Not Have You to Be Ignorant (Fort Worth. TX.) $10.00   RCC-A33
12-15-79 What I've Come Into (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A45

Sermons From the 1980's

Date Title Price Quality Product Code
2-28-80 Come Unto Mt. Zion $10.00   RCC-A54
1981 Kingdom of God With Power $10.00   RCC-A64
5-12-81 God's Truth Degraded (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A58
6-24-81 God's 7th Day (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A57
7-22-81 The Root Problem (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A73
10-1981 Rev. Bill Bowman's Funeral Sermon $10.00   RCC-A52
11-7-81 Death $10.00   RCC-A55
1-19-82 Facts For Good Living (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A56
7-3-82 There Is A Generation (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A71
11-16-82 Like People - Like Priest $10.00   RCC-A66
12-19-82 Traditional Views VS Spiritual Views $10.00   RCC-A79
1983 The Sword of the Lord (Prince Edward Island, CA.) $10.00   RCC-A77
1-3-83 A Rash of Backsliding (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A48
1-9-83 Judgement $10.00   RCC-A61
1-23-83 Judgement and Fearfulness (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A62
1-25-83 Judgement (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A60
1-27-83 Who Knowing the Judgement of God (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A82
1-29-83 Who Knowing the Judgement of God (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A83
1-30-83 The Judgement of God (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A63
1-30-83 Rash of Backsliding $10.00   RCC-A72
2-2-83 There Is A Generation (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A70
7-4-83 Sacrifice to Get Along (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A74
1984 The Serpent Seed Doctrine $10.00   RCC-A75
6-1-84 Seven Plagues - Seven Vials (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A76
7-2-84 We Beheld His Glory (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A80
7-4-84 What's Not In the Bible (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A81
7-18-84 Having A High Priest (Ohio Camp) $10.00   RCC-A59
12-11-84 Things That Thou Hast Seen (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A78
12-15-84 Out From Your Kindred (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A68
12-16-84 The Beginning of the Church (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A51
12-16-84 Let Nothing Steal Your Affection (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A65
2-15-86 A Separated People (Fort Worth, TX.) $10.00   RCC-A49
5-4-86 Prayer, Dedication, Justification (Shelbyville, IN.) $10.00   RCC-A69
5-2-87 Blessed Are the Poor $10.00   RCC-A53
1988 And God Heard It $10.00   RCC-A50
1988 No More Canaanites (Dresden, TN.) $10.00   RCC-A67