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Barnes, T.W. (UPCI)

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Rev. T.W. Barnes

Affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church

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Date Product Code
$10.00 An Apostolic Ministry 1964 TB001
$10.00 Demon Possession 1963 TB003
$10.00 Divine Healing 1966 TB002
$10.00 Faith That Won't Quit 1963 TB004
$10.00 Healing N/A TB005
$10.00 Healing Service N/A TB006
$10.00 How To Use Your Faith N/A TB011
$10.00 Living In A Haunted House 1967 TB007
$10.00 Look At the Things That Are Not Seen 1963 TB008
$10.00 Revelation of One True God N/A TB013
$10.00 The Living Word 8-16-97 TB015
$10.00 The Open Door of the Church N/A TB009
$10.00 What's In the Wagon 1994 TB014
$10.00 Your Sins Have Seperated You From God N/A TB010