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Baxter, Irvin Sr. (UPCI)

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Rev. Irvin Baxter Sr.

Affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International

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Date Product Code Audio Quality
$10.00 A Wise Master Builder (South Bend) N/A IBA04  
$10.00 Alleluia (Fort Worth) 12-16-86 IBA12 Excellent
$10.00 Can Not Change (Fort Worth) 1-5-84 IBA10 Excellent
$10.00 Disarmed 1990 IBA01  
$10.00 God Made Man (Fort Worth) 1-3-84 IBA15 Excellent
$10.00 In These Last Days 3-20-88 IBA14  
$10.00 Jesus Overall (Fort Worth) 3-29-83 IBA07 Excellent
$10.00 People Who Put God Off 1-23-83 IBA05  
$10.00 Pray For You're Children 5-9-82 IBA11  
$10.00 Royalty (Fort Worth) 7-31-83 IBA06 Excellent
$10.00 Revelation 1:8 (Fort Worth) 1-4-87 IBA13 Excellent
$10.00 Specify Your Need Before God (Fort Worth) 10-13-87 IBA16 Excellent
$10.00 Stout Words Against God (Fort Worth) 5-9-82 IBA08 Excellent
$10.00 Substitutes 1979 IBA03  
$10.00 Tell It (Fort Worth) 7-30-83 IBA09 Excellent
$10.00 Way, The (Fort Worth) 3-20-88 IBA18 Excellent
$10.00 Word of God, The (Fort Worth) 1-8-84 IBA17 Excellent
$10.00 Your Substitute 1975 IBA02  

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