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Burr, Murray E. (AMF)

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Rev. Murray E. Burr

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers fellowship

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Date Product Code
$10.00 Church Government N/A MEB-A3
$10.00 Church Government (different sermon) N/A MEB-A4
$10.00 Ethics and the Preacher 1978 MEB-A8
$10.00 Famine In the Land N/A MEB-A2
$10.00 He That Hath An Ear To Hear... 1979 MEB-A13
$10.00 How Much Do We Have To Tear Down 1995 MEB-A6
$10.00 Make Us God's To Lead Us Back 5-26-83 MEB-A21
$10.00 Only A Lingering Fragrance N/A MEB-A10
$10.00 Praise of Judah N/A MEB-A12
$10.00 Prophecy (day-1) 1980 MEB-A11
$10.00 Prophecy (day-2) 1980 MEB-A15
$10.00 Prophecy (Little Rock, AR.) 2-21-91 MEB-A16
$10.00 Prophecy (Little Rock, AR.) 3-24-95 MEB-A17
$10.00 Prophecy (Little Rock, AR.) a.m. 3-26-95 MEB-A18
$10.00 Prophecy (Little Rock, AR.) p.m. 3-26-95 MEB-A19
$10.00 Prophecy (Little Rock, AR.) 3-28-95 MEB-A20
$10.00 Reading Poetry that he wrote N/A MEB-A22
$10.00 The Spirit of the Bride 1978 MEB-A05
$10.00 Treasures for Trifles 1997 MEB-A09
$10.00 Watchman What of the Night 1980 MEB-A14
$10.00 We Are True Men 1995 MEB-A1
$10.00 Wise Master Builder 1996 MEB-A7

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