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Bernard, David (UPCI)
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Rev. David K. Bernard

United Pentecostal Church International

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$10.00 Falling In Love With Jesus Christ 2003 DB004  
$10.00 Foundation for the Future 1986 DB002  
$10.00 Holiness 2-1-01 DB008 Excellent
$10.00 Holiness 2-2-01 DB009 Excellent
$10.00 Holiness - Separated & Dedicated 9-6-90 DB007  
$10.00 Our Doctrinal Foundation 2000 DB005  
$10.00 Principles of Holiness 200 DB001  
$10.00 Separated and Dedicated N/A DB010 Excellent
$10.00 The Life of Holiness N/A DB006  
$10.00 The Oneness of God N/A DB003  

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