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Cavaness, R.C. (1970's)
R.C. Cavaness (1970's)

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Elder Robert C. Cavaness

Affiliated with the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship

CD Options from the 1970's

1970's Title Price Quality Product Code
6-6-73 Rejecting Knowledge (Shelbyville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A42
6-6-73 The Day's Are Evil (Shelbyville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A27
7-4-74 Behold What Manner of Love (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A25
1975 My Father, My Father (Joplin, MO) $10.00   RCC-A37
9-15-76 The Purpose of Communion (Shelbyville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A40
1977 Left Thy First Love $10.00   RCC-A36
1977 The rapture $10.00   RCC-A41
1978 God's Sum Total (Las Vegas, NV) $10.00   RCC-A29
7-4-78 A Wild Ass On the Loose $10.00   RCC-A24
12-14-78 The Place Where God's House Meet (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A38
12-16-78 God's Greatest Mystery (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A28
12-17-78 Where4 Is My House (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A47
1979 Bible Class $10.00   RCC-A26
3-17-79 Shaking Time $10.00   RCC-A43
3-22-79 He'll Be Back $10.00   RCC-A31
3-29-79 He'll Be Back (Trinity, AL) $10.00   RCC-A30
5-28-79 What's Wrong With Israel (Joplin, MO) $10.00   RCC-A46
6-8-79 Tomb Builders(Pine, LA) $10.00   RCC-A44
7-3-79 It's Time to Open the Book (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A34
8-8-79 Professing Godliness (Shelbyville, IN) $10.00   RCC-A39
9-19-79 Keeping Your First Love $10.00   RCC-A35
12-13-79 House of Judgement (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A32
12-14-79 I Would Not Have You to be Ignorant (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   RCC-A33
12-15-79 What I've Come Into (Fort Worth, TX) $10.00   ECC-A45

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