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Minister's Biographies


Biography Title Author Year Published Format
Ballestero, Carl J. How High My Mountain Carl J. Ballestero 1991 Paperback
Barnes, T.W. Pure Faith M.D. Gray 2006 Paperback
Baughman, Mark Let's Go! Terry R. Baughman 1998 Paperback
Bonner, W.L. The Man and His God Bishop W. L. Bonner 1999 Hardback
Booker, Larry L. The Journey of A Lifetime Larry Booker 2002 Paperback
Booth, William The Life and Ministry of Roger J. Green 2005 Paperback
Branham, William A Man Sent From God Gordon Lindsey N/A Paperback
Branham, William Footprints On the Sands of Time Spoken Word 1975 Paperback
Branham, William Supernatural Owen Jorgensen 1994 Paperback
Cagle, Odell The Curtain of Time Paul Ray Cagle Jr. 1984 Paperback
Chambers, Stanley Ship Ahoy Judeth Bentley 2001 Paperback
Clinton, Bill My Life (PP 250-252 he talks about Pentecostals) Bill Clinton 2004 Hardback
Craig, Glenn The Old Veteran's Story Glenn Craig 2000 Paperback
Dees, C.L. A Legacy of Love Marvella Dees N/A Paperback
Fauss, O.F. What God Has Wrought Olivar F. Fauss 1985 Paperback
Garrett, William J. A Portrait of Courage Gary W. Garrett 2001 Paperback
George, C.E. Stairway To My Star C.E. George N/A  
Glass, Arless Master's Cowboy, The Arless Glass 2012 Paperback
Biographies God's Generals I Roberts Liardon 1996 Hardback
Biographies God's Generals II Roberts Liardon 2003 Hardback
Biographies God's Generals II Roberts Liardon 2008 Hardback
Biographies Old Time Preacher Men Mary H. Wallace 1992 Paperback
Biographies Pioneer Pentecostal Women Vol. I Mary H. Wallace 1981 Paperback
Biographies Pioneer Pentecostal Women Vol. II Mary H. Wallace 1981 Paperback
Biographies Pioneer Pentecostal Women Vol. III Mary H. Wallace 2003 Paperback
Biographies Profiles of Pentecostal Missionaries Mary H. Wallace 1986 Paperback
Biographies Profiles of Pentecostal Preacher  Vol. I Mary H. Wallace 1983 Paperback
Biographies Profiles of Pentecostal Preachers Vol II Mary H. Wallace 1984 Paperback
Dawkins, R.E. A Portrait of A Man of God Ruth Roberts Moore 2009 Paperback
Drost, Bill The Pentecost Bill Drost 1985 Paperback
Dudley, C.B. The Man From Miramichi C.B. Dudley 1987 Paperback
Golder, Morris E. 50 Years of Pastoring Grace Apostolic Ch. 1985 Paperback
Golder, Morris E. From Grace To Glory Charles A. Sims 2002 Paperback
Golder, Morris E. The Life & Times of... Gary W. Garrett 2000 Paperback
Goss, Howard A. A Pentecostal Life Robin Johnston 2010 Hardback
Grier, John This Thing Called Love E.V. Grier 1987 Paperback
Haney, Clyde The Man of the Hills Served In the Valley Olive Haney 1985 Paperback
Haney, Kenneth The Man With A Vision Joy haney 1997 Paperback
Haymon, Don E. The View From My Veranda D.E. Haymon 2002 Paperback
Haywood, G.T. A Man Ahead of His Times Gary W. Garrett 2002 Paperback
Haywood, G.T. Before I Sleep James L. Tyson 1976 Paperback
Haywood, G.T. The Life and Works of... M.E. Golder 1977 Paperback
Haywood, G.T. The Life and Writing of ... Paul D. Dugas 1968 Paperback
Heidt, Betty Baxter 1941 Miracle of Healing Betty Baxter Heidt 1947 Paperback
Hite, B.H. A Love Like This Shirley Hite Sieli 2014 Paperback
Holmes, Agnes Oceans of Blessings Agnes Holmes 2002 Paperback
Holmes, A.O. Mission Accomplished Juanita Holmes Beall 1986 Paperback
Horton, Stanley M. Shaper of Pentecostal Theology Lois E. Olena 2008 Paperback
Bakker, Jim I Was Wrong Jim Bakker 1996 Paperback
Irving, Edward The Life of... Arnold Ballimore 1983 Paperback
Johnson, Lymus L. A Shepherd's Journey Steve B. Walters 2002 Hardback
Kuhlman, Kathryn Daughter of Destiny Jamie Buckingham 1999 Paperback
Lake, John G. John G. Lake KCP 2001 Paperback
Lake, John G. A Man Withour Compromise Wilford Reidt 1989 Paperback
Mason, Charles H. Bishop Charles H. Mason Ithiel C. Clemmons 1996 Paperback
McCool Twins Double Trouble Bob McCool Sr. 1997 Paperback
McGruder, Pricilla I've Just Started Living Pricilla McGruder 2004 Paperback
Oral Roberts My Life and Ministry Oral Roberts 1995 Hardback
Nelson, C.A. It's Real Mary H. Wallace 1981 Paperback
Parham, Charles F. Fields White Unto Harvest James R. Goff Jr. 1988 Paperback
Parham, C.F. The Life of Charles F. Parham Sarah Parham 1930 Hardback
Pomeroy, Seth Victorious Through The Fires Seth Pomeroy 2004 Paperback
Rambo. Buck & Dottie The Legacy of... Buck Rambo 1992 Paperback
Reed, Nolen Jailed To Find Jesus   N/A Paperback
Roberts, Oral The Warm Intimate Portrait of A Man of God Wayne A. Robinson 1976 Hardback
Sassman, A.W. Signs, Wonders & Miracles A.W. Sassman N/A Paperback
Seymour, William A Biography   2006 Hardback
Seymour, William J. Black Father of the 20th Century Pentecostal... Rufus Saunders 2001 Paperback
Seymour, William J. The Life & Ministry Larry Martin 1999 Paperback
Shoemake, Blanche Faye Pioneer Pentecostal Experiences... BFS N/A Hardback
Smith, Karl F. A Devout Man Aaron J. Smith 1998 Paperback
Spell, B.A. SPELLBOUND Gary W. Garrett 2017 Paperback
Sunday, Billy Preacher Roger A. Bruns 1992 Hardback
Swaggart, Jimmy Unconquered J.D. Davis 2012 Hardback
Terry, Ike H. A Man & A Woman Passed This Way Blessed of God Steven Carrier 1996 Paperback
Tobin, Robert F. A Man For His Times Gary W. Garrett 2001 Paperback
Urshan Andrew Bar-David The Life of... A.D. Urshan 1967 Paperback
Urshan, N.A. Champion of the Faith & Legend in Our Time Georiga Smelsor N/A Hardback
Wigglesworth, Smith The Wigglesworth Standard Peter J. madden 2000 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Apostle of Faith Stanley H. Frodshan 2002 Paperback
Williams, Renee My story of Hope Renee Williams 1998 Paperback
Williams, Smallwood E. This Is My Story Smallwood Williams N/A Hardback
Wise, Spencer. Leslie A Biographical Sketch Edna Nation 1991 Paperback
Women of Azusa The Women of Azusa Street Estrelda Alexander 2004 Paperback
Woodworth-Etter, Maria For Such A Time As This Wayne Warner 2004 Paperback

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