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                                                          ( A Thumb-nail Sketch )            


Feb:   Glen Bogue familyarrive in Sydney, sponsored by Ray Moulton and Bro and

           Sis Thorpe of Bomaderry. They helped them rent a house in Byer St. Enfield.                                                                                                          

Mar:   Erected tent on corner of Coronation Parade and Georges River Rd, Enfield; 

            where Terry Kennedy and his relatives started attending.  (3b & 9)

Apr:    Went to Brisbane.  (1) >>>

Jun:    Back in Sydney; meetings in Enmore.

Sep:    Erected tent; met Norm Armstrong at Sutherland; met George Owens.

Oct:    Erected tent at Fairfield; held meeting at “School of Arts” hall Fairfield.

            Open-airs at Fairfield.

Dec:    George & Ruby Owenswere the first converts. Sis. Ruby healed; tent was set

            on fire by anti-pentecostal Catholic mob. 


Jan:    Meetings held at rented Newtown Hall. Terry Kennedy family joins the work.

           Cost of hall was Ten Shillings ($A1.20per week).

Mar:  Meetings held in rented hall in Greenback Street, Marrickville.This was more

           expensive at  One Pound Ten shillings ($A3.60per week)  

Apr:   Meetings at Enmore Rd; Les & Nell Hannancome in; meetings with Sister 

           Cookin La Perouse; tent up again at Fairfield. 

May:  Pastor Bogue travels to Wagga and Nowra with Terry Kennedy. 

Sep/Oct:  Tent up—flooding; meeting in the Domain. 


May/Jun:  Bogue’s meeting at Marrickville 

Aug:    Geoff & Bev Holdencome in; still meeting in Marrickville hall. 

Sep:    Travel to Melbourne to meet Pat & Ida Turkington,and Price’s & Vickery’s.

            Turkington’s holding meetings at Nar-Nar-Goon and Dandenong. 

Oct:    Geoff Holden receives Holy Ghost

Nov:    Tent ministry at Belmore.

Dec:  Pastor Bogue makes down payment on land-lot at 172b Burwood Rd Belmore

          Total cost of land  is $11,283.63and is to be paid off at $11.25each week.


Feb:     Turkington’s in Sydney, early in the year; the church construction             

             workers are primarily Bogue’s—Owen’s—Holden’s.

Apr/May   The Gilberts and Sis Robinson come in and are baptized; bad floods;

                   Kennedy’s in Albury; Turkington’s back in Melbourne, after 10 day visit 

                   in Sydney in tent preaching; meetings at Nar Nar Goon continue; tent up 

                   in Yangoora Rd. 

Jun:    Baptisms done at Casula River, Sydney. 

Dec:    Basement completed  (holding meetings at Belmore) 


Feb:    Ted & Daphne Slackcame in at basement meeting; after previously having

            rebuffed the witness of Les Hannan many times—and even having chased Les

            out of the Music Shop where Ted Slack worked in Burwood Rd.Belmore.


            Harry Abrahams and his father Bert had been converted under the tent-

            ministry of Cliff and Bill Beard in Leeton in 1955.  When the Beards left,

            Harry continued ministering in house meetings, until in 1957 Terry Kennedy

            came to minister for 18 months. 

June 7:  Belmore church dedicated; (3b)  Vic Sweeney on pulpit; and Pat Turkington,  

               who was the then pastor, was the preacher. 

Sep 12:  Bro Holden at Brisbane; Pat Turkington commences first Bible School, 

              held at Belmore.  Students were Holden, Slack, J.T.Turkington, etc.


Jan-Jun:  Meetings at Penrith; meetings in hall at Campbelltown; Turkingtons in 

                 Sydney, from Melbourne; Bill & Mercy Bogueevangelizing in Leeton,        

                 Narrandera and Wagga areas with Kennedy’s; second short-term bible

                 school of 3 months conducted by Pat Turkington.  

                 When Terry Kennedy decided to go to Brisbane, he appointed Harry

                 Abrahams as pastor of the work in Leeton.  Then on the request of Bert

                 Abrahams, Bro Bogue and his family came to minister to the believers 

                 there.  He initially baptized nine believers in Jesus name, including Harry

                 and his parents.  The ‘Independent Church of Leeton’ then became the

                 ‘United Pentecostal Church of Leeton’.  

Late 58:   Bogue’s in Brisbane.

                 Geoff Daviescorresponds with Brother Bogue.  


                Len Westmoreresigns as a Church of Christ Minister and receives the     

                message in Melbourne. 


                Bogue’s in Brisbane—leave on furlough; Holden’s in Brisbane;                       

                Turkington’s at Belmore. 


                Kennedy’s at Gympie; Holden’s in Brisbane; Turkington’s at Belmore; 

                Bruce Jamieson comes into the Church and is expelled from his home for

                his new found faith. He begins street witnessing ministry. Bruce brings

                many into Belmore including Ralph Knowles


                Bogue’s arrive back January in Sydney, then on to Brisbane; old Salvation

                Army building purchased in Brisbane.


                   On a second visit to Belmore, Harry Abrahams was given a local licence by

                Bro Bogue.  

Jul 25:   Pat Turkington dies on the Nullabor at Balladonia, WA.  The Turkingtons 

               were on their way to Perth to establish the UPC there.  After the funeral,

               Sister Turkington establishes a UPC work in WA, with the help of Jim.


Jan:    Bogue/Kennedy visit Davies in Melbourne; visited Leeton; Turkington’s 

            had to vacate their house. 

Feb:    Bros Morgan and Stairs from USA at Belmore---then on to Brisbane.

            Kenny Thorpe comes in.            

 Feb-Jun:  Len Westmore and Harold Evans come in (Melb).  

                  Bro Davies moved into new church at Lacey Street, Croydon.

Jun:    Brother Bogue returns from Brisbane. Church split. New group aligning with

            Ray Jackson in home meetings and rented halls begin “Move”group which 

            baptizes using combination Matt. 28:19 and Acts 2:38 baptismal formula. 

Jul/Aug:  Holden’s back in Brisbane.

Dec:    First Australian Convention—held at Belmore.

1962   Bogue’s at Belmore  (Slack’s—Hannan’s—Owens )             

              Terry Kennedy disfellowshipped. 

              Work in Brisbane closed down. Building sold.


                  Harry Abrahams purchased a large tent in which he held services in Leeton,

               besides ministering in Narrandera.  


               Darcy Benson comes in to Belmore.

Dec:       Convention held at Belmore; BroWestmore appointed the Overseas Missions    



              Bro Bogue at Belmore; Sis Turkington holding Church and Sunday School in

              her home at Perth. 


              ‘Open air’ meetings were held by the Belmore saints at Bankstown Railway

              Station, Fairfield Shopping Centre, and Picnic Point park. 

Jun:    Oscar Vouga and wife at Belmore (from USA). (1)   David Hayden is drawn to

            the Lord through the preaching of Bro Bogue. 

Dec:    Convention held at Croydon, Vic.. (31st Dec-3rd Jan)



            Jim Turkington leaves for Bible School—A.B.I. at St. Pauls, Minnesota. 

Mar:    “Young Men’s” revival at Belmore. (Sovereign move of the Holy Ghost).

            Saved were David Owen, Michael Bingham, David Kellock, Michael   

            Wieteska--Mike Holder--Werner Johannsen--among others. 

            Open airs continue at Bankstown, Fairfield and Picnic Point.  

            Len Westmore commences work at Malvern.  

            Bro.Bogue ministered on the 2KA radio station at Katoomba for about one

            year.  He used the ‘Harvestime’ records (Bro N Urshan), on the stations’

            programme called “Voice of the Mountains”. 

May:   Bogue’s return from Brisbane to Belmore. 

Aug:    Brother Bogue begins second evening Bible School.

            David Hayden married to Joyce Abrahams, by Bro Bogue.

            Successful street meetings conducted by Ted Slack/Owens.

            Saved were Julius Zaborskis, and others. 

Nov:    John and Madelaine Brian arrive (second American missionary family). 

            They stay at Belmore Church apartment. 

Dec:    Convention held at Belmore.


 Jan:   The Brian’s move to Wollongong to establish a church. Michael Bingham

            moves to Wollongong briefly, to help the Brian’s.   (3)

            Robert and Bev Hargreavescome in to Belmore.  Biddell’s are married by

            Bro Bogue.  (1)>>

Apr:    Gary Biddell baptized; Easter drama “Golgotha”—Terry and Jackie Walker

            come in through the drama.

Jul:     Belmore Night Bible School commences again.

Oct:    Bro Brianrenovating butcher shop in Corrimal, to convert it into a church.

            Belmore “young men” spend Saturday’s cleaning 15foot dense brush from the

            property.  (3)

            Rev. Bob Taylor, formerly with the Foursquare Church, introduces Norman

            Pronger to Bro. Brian.  DeVries family, Tom and Mary Vanderkoi and

            others join.  (3 & 14)       Sister Julie (Murphy) Hall comes in to Corrimal.


Jan:    Bogue’s leave for second furlough.

            Holden’s left in charge of Belmore.  (1)>>

Apr:    First combined “Youth meeting”at Corrimal. Ted Slack preaches.

Dec:    Bogue’s arrive back 2 days before Convention, which is in Melbourne. 

                       ***Source No 14 claims he was still in USA ***


Feb:     Shirley Edgar and mother come in.  (3)

Mar:   Biddell  appointed Sunday School super; Bro Slack as Youth Leader.  (1)>

May:  Oscar Vouga back for second visit, with wife.

           Carver’s first meeting at Top Ryde; extension to building started at Belmore.

Sep:    Bruce Jamieson left Belmore. He begins independent, itinerant Oneness  

            ministry establishing groups in Queensland, Torres Straits, PNG and Fiji.  (3)

Oct:    A T Morgan dies.  (1)

Dec:  Richard and Margaret Carver baptized by Geoff Holden; Margaretreceives

          Holy Ghost a week later on December 31, by the laying on of hands of Rev.

          Geoff Davies, after being ministered to by Rev. W.E. Davies from Samoa;

          Convention held at  Belmore--Rev Davies is speaker, and the theme was…..

           “Go Forward and Slack Not”…  (1 &  3 & 5)

          Ladies Auxiliary formed. Sis. Bogue becomes first President, and the first

          project helps Rev. Bill and Norma Davies two young daughters.  (3)

1968  Jan:  Michael Bingham receives scholarship, goes to Texas Bible College.  (3)

Apr 21:  R Carver receives Holy Ghost.

May:  Bro.Bogue organizes first Australian Board with Ted Slack and Geoff Holden.  

           Rev.Bob Taylor begins a work in St. Mary’s, after leaving the UPC.  His work

           becomes AOG in time, later pastored by Barbara Taylor.  (3 & 14)

Aug 17:  The Carver’s get married.  (1)

            Robert  and Bev Hargreaves feel led to start a work in Canberra, despite the   

            initial reluctance of Bro Bogue.  They later started a church in the Downer       

            Community Centre. Mike Wieteska moves to Canberra to help in the work.  (6)

            Gary Biddell and Bro Mc Cartney start Sunday School at Whalan Park and     

            Mt  Druitt. (3)>>

            Bro Westmore is ordained; the first board is appointed.

            Bob Peachand Bruce Glass came in to Belmore. 

1969   Mar:   The Sherry’s arrive in Perth.

May:    Brian’s leave on first furlough. Geoff Holden pastors Wollongong in his

             absence.  Bro Brian requests that UPCI board does not renew Bro.Bogue’s 

             term in Australia. St.Louis Missionary Board reluctantly agrees to this.  (3)

Dec:     Convention held at Belmore.  (1)


Apr 1:  The Bogue family finally return to America, leaving on the “Canberra” with                

             Jim and Dorothy; the Brian’s arrive back from America.  Mike & Ann

             Hannanare married; Roscoe & Mary Seaycontacted by Bro Sherry in

             Perth. Ted and Daphne Slack left Belmore to take over pastorate of

             Len Westmores church in Malvern. Vic  (1)

Jul:      Jim Turkington moves from Perth to help prepare for SPBI next year.  (3 & 14)

Sep:     Rev. Michael & Peggy Bingham come to Australia as AIM Missionaries.

            They move in to Belmore Church apartment.  (3)>

Oct:     Norman Pronger (Wollongong) resigns from UPC over lack of congregational


Nov:    Michael Wieteska returns to England. (4)

Dec 20:   The Holden’s return to Brisbane to restart the work there.   (26)  


            Convention held at Belmore.   J.L.Brian, M.Bingham, E.Slack, G.Holden and

            J.Turkington organize the Australian constitution.  Constitution is debated at             

            the Convention, with 25 ministers in attendance. The brethren, led by Pastor

            Geoff Davies, feel that they would like a more “Australian” constitution. An      

            issue debated was whether the American “holiness standards” were culturally 

            appropriate to Australia.  Brian holds firm.  American modeled constitution is

            then passed by narrow margin.  (3 & 14)


Jan:   Dennis and Sue Jacobsencome to the Lord in the Canberra church;  six 

          months later his younger brother Clive comes to the Lord there.

Jan:  Bro Brian begins work on new Bible School.Bro. Bro Bingham provides a

          Curriculum and suggests the name of the school be “South Pacific Bible

          Institute.”  Promotional work for the new Bible School begins.  (3 & 14)

Feb:   South Pacific Bible Instituteopens its doors using the Belmore assembly as

           its campus.  This is the first full-time, 2 year Bible School of the UPCA.

           A rented home in Belfield is used as its dormitory.

           First  S.P.B.I. student intake—“The PIONEERS”—were:---

                  Richard Carver; Bruce & Elaine Glass; Mike Hannan;

                  Geoff Newell; Jenny Stokes.

            Teachers were:---

                   John Brian; Jim Turkington; Ken Arbeau; Mike Bingham.   (3)

           Bob and Deena Condreywere American saints from Texas, who came to   

           work at the Pine Gap intelligence facility near Alice Springs. They started  

           house meetings, which later were to develop into a permanent church in Alice

           Springs.   (3b & 10) 

Oct:  Michael Wieteska returns to Canberra with Lorna to help Robert Hargreaves.(4)

Nov:   Michael Bingham resigns at SPBI and begins a new work at Green Valley.

           Paul Cochraneis his first convert.  (3)

                George & Ruby Owens start a work in Fairfield.   (3 & 3b)

Dec:   Convention held at The Basin, Dandenong.  (1)


Feb:  Michael & Peggy Bingham return to U.S.A and begin evangelistic ministry. (3)

           SecondS.P.B.I. student intake—“The PATHFINDERS”—were:---

          Roscoe & Mary Seay; David Bruce; Ann Turkington; Lew Harper; Terry

          Walker;  Clive Jacobsen; Ted Woodyat; John Northey; Ella Zaborskis.

Mar:  Michael & Lorna Wieteska appointed first Australian Faith Evangelists.  (4)

           Ken and Charlotte Arbeautake over pastoring of Corrimal.

Dec:   Convention held at Perth.  (13)


Jan:   Mark Hanby (Fort Worth) prophesies that great revival will happen in PNG.

          Richard Carver accepts a call to go.  (3)

Feb:   ThirdS.P.B.I. student intake—“The CHALLENGERS”—were:---

             Robyn Lang; David Hayden; David Elwell; Paul Hannan; Wayne Brough;

             Ruth Harper; Norma Knowles; Jackie Walker; Lydia Nicki; Violet Woodyat;

             Bob Peach

Apr:  Michael & Lorna Wieteska go to New Zealand to fill in for Lloyd Moreau

          (N.Z.Missionary/Founder) while he is on furlough.  (4)

Apr 5:   Richard & Margaret Carver go to PNG, where they start a missionary

               work in the Highlands—at Gogul Simbu Province.  (5)

Aug:   Roscoe and Mary Seay take over pastoring at Corrimal.  (13)

                  *** Source No 8 claims it was in Nov. ***

Dec:   Convention held at Rathmines, NSW.  (13)


Feb:    Bruce and Elaine Glass (& Kim) leave from Belmore—with a young brother 

            from Belmore—and drive to Ipswich with Bro Brian’s tent to commence a 

            nine month tent mission, evangelizing the main coastal cities up to Cairns-- 

            and back again to Brisbane.  (11)>>

            Fourth S.P.B.I. student intake—“The AMBASSADORS”—were:---

           Mark Bowles; Lois Brough; Paul Cochrane; Fred de Bear; Lynette Droddy;

           Max Forleo; Charles Gandjou; Kevin Gilbert; Ann Howie; Mike Kable;   

           Helen Oliver; Christine Knight; David Thorpe; Rodney Waite; David Whittem;

           Eleanor Weichorn

Apr:    Youth Camp held at Falls Creek, Vic.  (13)

            After graduation from SPBI, David and Joyce Hayden moved to Adelaide to 

            assist in a new work with Bro Roy Bettis.  (11)

Dec:    Convention held at the Canberra Showground.  (13) 

1975   Bro Hayden returns to Belmore for 18 months.  (11)

Apr:    Youth Camp held at Belmore.  (13)>

            Bro Slack moves back to Sydney to pastor the Belmore assembly.

Dec:    Convention held at Moss Vale, NSW. 


Apr:    Youth Camp held at The Basin, Dandenong.  (13)               

             Bro Jacobsen came from ministering in Newcastle to commence pastoring    

             the Alice Springs church.   (10)

Dec:     Convention held at Moss Vale, NSW.  (13)

1977   Geoff Holden is appointed first Australian Superintendent of UPCA.

             Wayne and Lois Broughtake over pastoring Corrimal. Roscoe Seay returns

              to America.  (8)

             Bro Hayden returns to Adelaide, where he starts a work in Elizabeth (as well 

             as assisting Bro Bettis).  One of his first converts is Bro Peter Plane.  (11)

             Jim and Beth Ritchietake over pastoring the Canberra church.

             Robert Hargreaves felt to go to Scotland, where with the help of 2 familys and

             2 young ministers from the Canberra assembly, they start a kerk in an ex-

             police station in Edinburgh.  (6)

1978   The Carvers shift to Goroka to continue the work in P.N.G.  (5)


May:    The Alice Springs assembly purchased a caravan and helped John Henwood                              

             start a work at Nyirripi among the aborigines.   (10)

1980   David Hayden started, and continues to minister a work in Hobart.   (11)


              Bro.Turkington establishes a new work in Berkeley—a southern suburb of 

              Wollongong.  Its name is ‘Berkeley Bible Church’.  (14)



Nov:     Bro Jacobsen takes over pastorate of the Townsville church.   (10)             

             John and Pauline Hadentake over pastorate of the Alice Springs church. (10)

1983    The Corrimal church was sold, and a former Methodist church in Addison

               Ave, Lake Illawarra South was purchased and named “Faith Chapel”.  (7)

1984     Alice Wood, from the Plumpton assembly, was sent to help in the work 

                with John Henwood.   (10)

1985    The P.N.G. work now becomes financially supported by the USA church.  (5)


1987     The Carvers leave P.N.G., at which time there are about 8,000 saints in the

               churches.  (5)

1988    The Carvers travel to their new mission field of New Zealand.  (5)

               The Broughs resign the pastorate and return to Canada (Ontario Province).

               Frank and Carla Meijertake over pastoring at Faith Chapel.  (7)

Dec:     Conference held at Canberra.


1990      Bro Jacobsen starts house meetings at Lyn Joneshome in Cairns, which

               later developes into a church.  (12)

1991    The Carvers travel to their new mission field of Fiji.   (5)

            Bro Seay commences pastoring the Cairns church, with about 11 members. (12)




Jan:        Conference held in Melbourne.


1996    Conference held at Bankstown.

1997     Berkeley Bible Church relocates to Wollongong, and is renamed 

           ‘Wollongong Bible Church’.  (14)

1998    The American Youth Missions teams’ first visit to Australian churches.

1999    Australian Youth Mission teams visit various Australian churches.

2000    Conference held in Brisbane.

2001     John Downsis appointed second Australian Superintendent.


              The Carvers return to Australia.  By this time in P.N.G. there are about

              50,000 saints.   They move to Ballina, and commence ministry in Lismore

              with the able help of their son-in-law Rick VanSant and his wife,and their

              son Richard jnr and his wife.  Later the Carvers are given responsibility of

              Pacific Region Publishing by Bro Denny.  (5)

2002     The Carvers return for the first time to PNG, and later were to be

         reappointed as Superintendant of that work.  (5)


Jan:      The 50th year ‘Jubilee’ Conference is held in Queanbeyan, NSW.         


2005   Conference held in Brisbane.


Jan:      Conference held at the Wollongong Town Hall.

             Frank Meijer retires (temporarily) as pastor, due to ill-health, and later joins    

             with his family the Wollongong Bible Church.

             Bill and Robyn Morristake over pastoring at Faith Chapel.

2007  Conference held at Sutherland, NSW.

2008   Conference held at Adelaide.



This unofficial, rough-draft format of data was collated by Gary Biddell in the                

early 1990’s (and now again in 2007).  It is obviously NOT a complete or perfect

recounting of our history, but is the ideal to which we are aiming. 


Any 1st or 2nd-hand  knowledge which you have which you believe could amplify or rectify this data, please forward to this email address for inclusion.


                                                                                                           Clive Jacobsen.





(1)    Rev.Gary Biddell. (dec)                              (16)  Rev.George & Ruby Owens.

(2)    Rev.Bruce Jamieson.                                  (17)  Sid Corby. (dec)

(3)    Rev.Michael Bingham.                               (18)  Rev.Vic Sweeney.

(3b)  (formerly Rev.)Michael Hannan.              (19)  Rev.Norm Armstrong.

(4)    Rev.Michael Wieteska.                               (20)  Rev.Geoff Davies.

(5)    Rev.Richard Carver.                                  (21)  Lil Colbran.

(6)    (formerly Rev.)Robert Hargreaves.          (22)  Jim Bogue.

(7)    (formerly Rev.)Wayne & Lois Brough.     (23)  Terry & Jackie Walker. 

(8)    Rev.Kevin Hall.                                            (24)  Margaret Forbes.

(9)    (formerly Rev.)Bill Bogue.                          (25)  Harry Abrahams.

(10)  Pauline Haden.                                             (26)  Rev.Geoff & Bev Holden.

(11)  Rev.David & Joyce Hayden.

(12)  Rev.Dennis Jacobsen.

(13)  Rev.Geoff & Caroline Newell.

(14)  Rev.Jim Turkington.

(15)  Nell Hannan.


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