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Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship

Formed in 2008 as an offshoot from the UPCI, the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship is a group of Apostolic Ministers (hereafter known as WPF) who seek to unite in fellowship.  Coherence is found in the following:

A place for united commitment around commonly held apostolic beliefs, mission, and goals.

A place for fellowship and endorsement of Ministries which are carrying out the mission and goals of the church.

A place which facilitates, assists, encourages, motivates and helps to integrate such ministries and all ministers of like precious faith and to expedite their work in the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

The Preamble of the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship is an articulation of its general intent and purpose.  The formation of WPF is an outgrowth of the changing times and directions within the North American apostolic movement and is the result of a constellation of events and decisions which have shaped apostolic direction for some time—some, we fear, for the worse, and ours hopefully for the better.

WPF is an honest attempt to embrace and work with any and all authentic Apostolics who are forward looking, agree with its Articles of Faith, desire to be proactive in propagating the gospel, and are of good spirit, regardless of organization affiliation or lack thereof. We feel it evident that the lack of concerted fellowship and cooperation between men of like precious faith due to organizationally imposed boundaries have hindered rather than helped the growth and power of the Kingdom of God.

From the selection of the twelve apostles by Christ, to the history of the early church, until today, it is evident that, in any endeavor, human imperfections are unavoidable. However, it is our belief that the possibilities of attaining a preferred apostolic future for all Apostolics, regardless of organizational affiliation, is enhanced by the formation of this fellowship.

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