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Men With Backbone

Written by: Bishop G.T. Haywood

Printed in: The Voice In The Wilderness (Volume-4 Number-1, 1935)

We are living in a day when it takes men of real courage to stand for the principles of the doctrine of Christ and His church. The men of God should not cater to the whims of the ungodly world. We are told to love the brethren and to have no respect of persons. If ever there was a place where there should be no distinctions made between races and nationalities in their common fellowship, it ought to be in the true church of God. A secular minister said recently that the church must do its part to put down this terrible growing race hatred. To prove their sincerity in this matter, ministers of various churches exchange pulpits in many of ther large cities of the East and the middle-west. If they can di it, what is the matter with the people who claim to have more of the grace of God, than they?  G.T. Haywood




G.T. Haywood