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Pentecostal Authors (W through X)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Year Printed Binding Format
Wachtstetter, Stanley A Brief Spiritual History of the Old Soviet Empire N/A Paperback
Wachtstetter, Stanley Andrew David Urshan and the Russian Pentecostal Church 2015 Paperback
Wachtstetter, Stanley Century of the Name, The N/A Paperback
Wachtstetter, Stanley Magog: The Blessed People (Russia) 2018 Paperback
Wade, Bernie L. Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (History) 2022 Paperback
Wade, Bernie L. Discover Your Purpose (Youth Edition) 2022 Paperback
Wade, Bernie L. Legacy, Bishop Carl E. Angle 2023 Paperback
Wade, Bernie L. Legacy, Charles Fox & Sarah Parham 2022 Paperback
Wade, Bernie L. War On Earth 2022 Paperback
Wagner, Lori Through The Waters (Bio of Evangelist Willie Johnson) 2019 Paperback
Wallace, Mary Cultivate Faith 2007 Paperback
Wallace, Mary Pioneer Pentecostal Women (Vol. III) 2003 Paperback
Walls, Muncia Daniel, A Man Greatly Beloved 2003 Paperback
Walters, Steve B. Receiving the Holy Ghost 2001 Paperback
Ward, C.M. Clash, The Conflict of Modern Youth N/A Paperback
Watson, Vera Mae Children of Ministers Tell Us, The 1983 Hardback
Wead, Doug People's Temple - People's Tomb 1979 Paperback
Weeks, Thomas III Teach Me How To Love You 2003 Paperback
Weisser, Thomas After the Way Called Heresy 1981 Paperback
Weisser, Thomas Jesus' Name Baptism Through the Centuries 1989 Paperback
Weisser, Thomas Oneness; Jesus Name Baptist's 2001 Paperback
Welch, D.L. Contending for the Faith 1988 Paperback
Welchel, Tommy They Told Me Their Stories (The youth and children of Azusa St.) 2006 Paperback
Welchel, Tommy True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and beyond 2013 Paperback
Wheeler, David China Challenge, The N/A Paperback
Wheat, Joseph Thomas A Clear Revelation of the Godhead 2015 Paperback
Wheat, Joseph Thomas My Story - A Journey of Faith 2014 Paperback
Whisenant, Edgar C. 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be In 1988 N/A Paperback
Whisenant, Edgar C. On Borrowed Time N/A Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Anointing 1982 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Ever Increasing Faith 1971 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Experiencing God's Power Today 1982 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Greater Works 1999 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Healing 1982 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Holy Spirit, The 1982 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Only Believe 1991 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Power to Serve 1982 Paperback
Wigglesworth, Smith Spirit-Filled Living 1998 Paperback
Willhoite, Marcella Search for Truth (Teacher's Manual) 1965 Paperback
Willhoite, R.E. Mini Search for Truth 1965 Paperback
Willhoite, R.E. Search for Truth (Catalog) 1982 Paperback
Williams, Carl E. Bible Plan of Salvation, The 1988 Paperback
Williams, Gwyneth Azusa Street Outpouring 2018 Paperback
Williams, Gwyneth His Story, History and His Secret (Otis Grandville Clark) 2018 Paperback
Willis, Clinton Apostolic Catechism 2014 Paperback
Wilson, Art The Diversity Harvest 2007 Paperback
Wise, Morris A Collection of Evidence For & Against Matthew 28:19 1962 Paperback
Woodworth-Etter, Maria Holy Ghost Sermons 1997 Hardback
Woodworth-Etter, Maria Holy Spirit, The 1982 Paperback


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