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Pentecostal Authors (U through V)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Publish Date Binding Format
Universal Publishers Keys to the Kingdom (Acts 2:38) N/A Paperback
Unknown Christian Kneeling Christian 2007 Paperback
UPCI 42nd General Conference (Program & Songbook) 1966 Paperback
UPCI 43rd General Conference (Program) 1967 Paperback
UPCI 44th General Conference (Program) 1968 Paperback
UPCI 45th General Conference (Program) 1969 Paperback
UPCI 46th General Conference (Program) 1970 Paperback
UPCI 47th General Conference (Program) 1971 Paperback
UPCI 48th General Conference (Program) 1972 Paperback
UPCI 49th General Conference (Program) 1973 Paperback
UPCI 50th General Conference (Program) 1974 Paperback
UPCI 51st General Conference (Program) 1975 Paperback
UPCI 52nd General Conference (Program) 1976 Paperback
UPCI  53rd General Conference (Program) 1977 Paperback
UPCI 55th General Conference (Program) 1979 Paperback
UPCI 56th General Conference (Program) 1980 Paperback
UPCI 57th General Conference (Program) 1981 Paperback
UPCI 58th General Conference (Program) 1982 Paperback
UPCI 59th General Conference (Program) 1983 Paperback
UPCI 61st General Conference (Program) 1985 Paperback
UPCI 62nd General Conference (Program) 1986 Paperback
UPCI 65th General Conference (Program) 1989 Paperback
UPCI 66th General Conference (Program) 1990 Paperback
UPCI 68th General Conference (Program) 1992 Paperback
UPCI 69th General Conference (Program) 1993 Paperback
UPCI 71st General Conference (Program) 1995 Paperback
UPCI Foreign Missions Story 1981 Paperback
UPCI Harvest Home, The (Harvestime Radio) N/A Paperback
UPCI Meet The United Pentecostal Church International 1989 Paperback
UPCI Pentecostal Adult Quarterly  1967 Winter Paperback
UPCI South Texas District Conf. (Going to the next level) 2007 Paperback
UPCI Spiritual Growth and Maturity 1984 Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (Holiness) 1994 Spring Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (The better way) 1995 Winter Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (His name shall be called) 1996 Fall Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (Fulfilled prophecy) 1996 Winter) Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (Christian concepts) 1997 Spring Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (Deity of Christ) 1997 Fall Paperback
UPCI Student handbook (Deep calling unto deep) 1998 Spring Paperback
UPCI Student Handbook (Major and minor prophets) 1998 Summer Paperback
UPCI Symposium On Oneness Pentecostalism 1988 Paperback
UPCI Television Advertising & Televangelism 2007 Paperback
UPCI Let's Have Revival (Home Missions) 1982 Paperback
UPCI Way of Life, The (Home Missions) 1971 Paperback
Urshan, A.D. Apostolic Faith Doctrine of the New Birth 1941 Paperback
Urshan, A.D. Witness of God, The (1919 to 1925)   Hardback
Urshan, N.A. Consider Him N/A Paperback
Vanya, Rob Discovering the Deity of Jesus 1992 Paperback
Vaughn, Karen A God Interruption N/A Paperback
Vestal, D.R. 50 Sermons for Sinners and saints 2019 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry 2021 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Christin Leadership 2020 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Christian Marriage 2021 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Christian Morality 2021 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Cypress Bible Training Center 2020 Paperback
Vestal, D.R.  Daniel 2019 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Ministerial Ethics & Etiquette 2020 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Revelation 2019 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. The Ministry of St. Paul to the Romans 2020 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. The Oneness Doctrine 2021 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. The Star of David 2020 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. To Set Prisoners Free 2019 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Trinity or Truth 2019 Paperback
Vestal, D.R. Woe, Woe, Woe to the Earth 2019 Paperback
Visker, Jack Baptism of the Holy Spirit, The 1975 Paperback


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