Pentecostal Authors S-T

Pentecostal Authors  (S through T)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Publish-Date Binding Method
Sanders, Rufus, G.W. William Joseph Seymour 2003 Paperback
Sapp, Roger Pandora's Pulpit (Women in Ministry) 1998 Paperback
Scheel, John F. 50 Years & Counting In A Place Called Beebe 2017 Paperback
Scheel, John F. Women in the Ministry (Secret Life of A Missionary's Wife) 1992 Paperback
Schmidt, Stephen I Count My Life By Sabbaths 2017 Paperback
Scott, Joretta R. Here We Go Again 1999 Paperback
Seagraves, Daniel L. Marriage, Back to bible Basics 1999 Paperback
Seberry, Jack Miracle Working Christ, The 1956 Paperback
Segraves, Daniel L. Themes from a letter to Rome 2012 Paperback
Semple-McPherson This Is That (the experiences, sermons and writings of...) 2016 Hardback
Shaw, S.B, The Great Revival in Wales 2014 Paperback
Sheed, Mary The Measure of A Man (The life of William Ambrose) N/A Paperback
Shearer, Harvey Husbands and Wives N/A Paperback
Simpson, A.B. Fourfold Gospel, The 2007 Paperback
Simpson, A.B. Gospel of Healing, The 1915 Hardback
Simpson, A.B. Gospel of Healing, The 1994 Paperback
Singleton, Antonette The Other Woman, The Church 2021 Paperback
Smith, Francis Apostolic Ministry, The N/A Paperback
Smith, Francis Dear Saint, The - Help for the Living N/A Paperback
Smith, Francis Fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith N/A Paperback
Smith, Francis New Life N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. Jesus Is Coming Soon N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. The Scriptural View Of The Christian Pastorate N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. The Apostolic Doctrine N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. Bible Outline N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. Scriptural Study Of The Book Of Job N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. Apostolic Doctrine And Practices N/A Paperback
Smith, Karl F. General Outline Of The Bible 1947 Paperback
Smith, Larry T. Coming of the Lord... The 2000 Paperback
Smith, Samuel Come Home America N/A Paperback
Smith, Samuel Profiles In Prayer N/A Paperback
Smith, Samuel Revival His Way N/A Paperback
Smith, Samuel Words For Watchmen N/A Paperback
Sponsler, George Pentecostal Young People's Quarterly 2962 Paperback
St. Paul, UPCI One In Fellowship 1993 Oct Paperback
Stewart, Alexander C. Add Thou To It (Works of R.C. Lawson) 2019 Paperback
Stoneking, Lee Gifts of the Spirit, The 1975 Paperback
Stranmge, Rayford Life in the Supernatural 2019 Paperback
Sumrall, Lester The Gifts and Miracles of the Holy Spirit 1982 Paperback
Swim, Joanne Jean L. Urshan (Our First Lady-Chosen by God) 1991 Hardback
Synan, Vinson Fire Baptized: The Many Lives and Works of Benjamin H. Irvin 2017 Paperback
Synan, Vinson William J. Seymour-Pioneer of the Azusa Street Revival 2012 Paperback
Tamel, Frank Between Death And Eternity N/A Paperback
Tamel, Frank Deity In Transition N/A Paperback
Tateman, M.R. 12 Loaves, Living Bread N/A Paperback
Tembi, Alfred The Power and Blessing of Fasting N/A Paperback
Tembi, Alfred The Secrets of Fulfilling Your Destiny N/A Paperback
Tembi, Beatrice Help! I'm A Husband 2020 Paperback
Tembi, Beatrice Help! I'm A Wife 2019 Paperback
Tenney, T.F. Pentecost - What's That? 1975 Paperback
Tillery, Lenard What Is Man? 2003 Paperback
Tobin, Robert F. Honey In The Rock 1943 Paperback
Tobin, Robert F. The Principles Of The Doctrine Of Christ N/A Paperback
Tolbert, Floye Person of the Holy Ghost, The N/A Paperback
Trask, Thomas E. The Pentecostal Pastor 2006 Hardback
Tyson, J. Laverne Before I Sleep-A Narrative and Photographic Bio of G.T. Haywood 1976 Paperback
Tyson, J. Laverne Chalices of Gold - Volume 1 1990 Paperback
Tyson, J. Laverne Earnest Contenders for the Faith - Volume 1 1982 Paperback
Tyson, J. Laverne Early Pentecostal Revival, The 1992 Paperback
Tyson, J. Laverne Undaunted-The Life and Times of Bishop James E. Tyson 2016 Paperback

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