Pentecostal Authors Q-R


Pentecostal Authors (Q through R)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Date Published Binding Format
Quinn, Anthony One Man Tango (talks about his Pentecostal connection) 1995 Hardback
Ratzinger, Cardinal Introduction To Christianity 1990 Paperback
Reckart, G. The Sins of Self Autonomy N/A Paperback
Reeves, Kenneth V. Great Commission, The 1970 Paperback
Reeves, Kenneth V. Rivers of Living Water, The 1980 Paperback
Regier, Jacob C. Bible Doctrine 1983 Paperback
Rieder, Ruth Relic or Relevant 2003 Paperback
Ringer, David K. J. Roswell Flower 2016 Paperback
Roberts, Oral Flood Stage, Opening the Windows of Heaven 1984 Paperback
Roberts, Oral Seed-Faith 2000 Paperback
Roberts, Oral Still Doing The Impossible 2001 Hardback
Robertson, Pat Bring It On 2003 Hardback
Roth, Sid It's Supernatural 2017 Paperback
Rowe, G.B. Adam Doctrine, The N/A Paperback
Riggen, Gregory K. Understanding The Godhead 2019 Paperback
Rigger, Gary C. Oneness Doctrine, The 1997 Paperback
Russell, R.A. A Place Prepared for You 1998 Paperback


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