Pentecostal Authors O-P


Pentecostal Authors (O through P)

The following books are archived in our library


Author Title Date Binding Format
Oggs Sr, Allan C. Closing Out Sale (Everything Goes) 1997 Hardback
Oggs Sr, Allan C. You Gotta Have the Want To 1987 Hardback
Osborn, T.L. Healing the Sick and casting out Devils 1955 Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. The Church - An Organized Body N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. God's Financial Plan For The church N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. Marriage and Divorce N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. Restoration N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. Apostolic Gleanings (Vol-1) N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. How Can I (Vol-1) N/A Paperback
Paddock, Ross P. Short Subjects Important to Pentecostals N/A Paperback
Painter, Jeremy Handbook on the Psalms and Wisdom Literature 2017 Hardback
Parchia, Earl Sr. Are Women Preachers Called of God? 1997 Paperback
Parchia, Earl Sr. Back to Basics (The doctrine of the apostles...) N/A Paperback
Parchia, Earl Sr. Doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security, The 1991 Paperback
Parham, Charles F. A Voice Crying In the Wilderness 1902 Paperback
Parham, Charles F. Everlasting Gospel, The 1911 Paperback
Parham, Robert L. Selected Sermons of the late Charles and Sarah Parham 1941 Paperback
Parham, Sarah E. Charles F. Parham (A Biography) 1930 Hardback
Paterson, John God In Christ 1966 Paperback
Paterson, John Real Truth about Baptism in Jesus' Name, The 1953 Paperback
Pennington, Jason Revival and the Apostolic Church in the Monmouthshire Valleys 2018 Paperback
Penn-Lewis, Jessie The Awakening In Wales 2011 Paperback
Pike, Christian Ryan Out of Egypt 2023 Paperback
Pike, Christian Ryan The Corruption That Is In The World Through Lust 2021 Paperback
Pike, Christian Ryan The Foundation of Wisdom 2023 Paperback
Pike, Christian Ryan The Image of His Son 2021 Paperback
Pike Sr, George Leon Present Day Truth (Collection of Quotes) 2023 Paperback
Poole, Mattie B. Living Witnesses 1963 Paperback
Pomeroy, Seth Try First What I Tried Last N/A Paperback
Prince, Britt Pentecostal Experience, The 1998 Paperback
Pugh/Kilgore The Fire In You N/A Paperback
Pugh, J.T. Dating Tips For The Young People 1965 Paperback
Pugh, J.T. For Preachers Only 1986 Paperback


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