Pentecostal Authors K-L

Pentecostal Authors (K through L)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Year Printed Binding Format
Kinsey, Brian I Choose To Win 2019 Paperback
Kinsey, Brian Made for More 2015 Paperback
Knott, Ron Trophies of Heaven 1991 Paperback
Kuhlman, Kathryn A Glimpse Into Glory 1983 Paperback
Kuhlman, Kathryn God Can Do It Again 2000 Paperback
Kuhlman, Kathryn Heart To Heart 1998 Paperback
Kuhlman, Kathryn In Search of Blessings 2001 Paperback
Kuhlman, Kathryn Nothing is Impossible with God 1999 Paperback
Lake, John G. Divine Healing Manuel N/A Paperback
Lambeth. J.B. My Story (the autobiography of J.B. Lambeth) N/A Paperback
Lane, Tony Exploring Christian Thought 1984 Paperback
Lavigne, T.J. Why I Am A Preacher 2006 Paperback
Lawson, Robert C. An Open Letter To A Southern White Minister On Prejudice N/A Paperback
Lawson, Robert C. The Anthropology Of Our Kinsman Jesus Christ N/A Paperback
Ledbetter, J.R. An Echo Across The Sea 1932 Paperback
Leonard, Eleanor Ruth A Great Deliverance N/A Paperback
Liardon, Roberts John G. Lake (The Comprehensive Collection of his Life Teachings) 1999 Hardback
Liardon, Roberts Maria Woodworth Etter (The complete collection of her teachings) 2000 Hardback
Liardon, Roberts The Azusa Street Revival 2006 Paperback
Liardon, Roberts Success in Life and Ministry 1985 Paperback
Lindblade, Frank Spirit Which is from God, The 1928 Paperback
Lindsey, Gordon The Charismatic Ministry 2001 Paperback
Lindsey, Gordon Life and Teachings of Christ, The (Vol-1) 1998 Paperback
Lindsey, Gordon Life and Teachings of Christ, The (Vol-2) 1997 Paperback
Lindsey, Gordon Life and Teachings of Christ, The (Vol-3) 1996 Paperback
Lindsey, Gordon New, John G. Lake Sermons, The 1971 Paperback
Lixorkin-Eyzenberg, Eli The Hidden Story of Jaccob 2019 Paperback


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