Pentecostal Authors I-J



Pentecostal Authors (I through J)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Year Printed Binding Format
Ikerd, Sharon The Trailblazer (Arizona to Africa and Back) 2017 Paperback
Jakes, T.D. Loose That Man and Let Him Go 1995 Paperback
Jakes, T.D. Water Baptism Who Needs It? 1997 Paperback
Jennings, Gino The Mystery of the Godhead N/A Paperback
Jennings, Gino The Office of A Bishop N/A Paperback
Jenkins, Peggy L. Frush's Journal of 1915 1916 Paperback
Jividen, Jimmy Glossolalia, From God or Man? 1971 Paperback
Johnson, James A. Enduring the Night 1991 Paperback
Johnson, James A. Godhead, The N/A Paperback
Johnson, James A. Jesus Christ With Us God 1991 Paperback
Johnson, James A. Name of Jesus Christ as Immanuel, The 2015 Paperback
Johnson, J. Mark View from the back of the Pulpit, The 2007 Paperback
Johnson, Rex D. With A Palm and A Willow 2004 Paperback
Johnson, Bishop S.C. 21 Burning Subjects 1967 Paperback
Jones, Clifton Are You Indicting Me? 1996 Paperback
Jones, Clifton The Beauty of Repentance 2015 Paperback
Jones, Clifton Holiness Teaching in Unholy Times 2005 Paperback
Jones, Clifton How Preachers Commit Suicide 1988 Paperback
Jones, Clifton If I Can Help Some Preacher 2002 Paperback
Jones, Clifton Under Attach But Equipped To Stand 2006 Paperback
Jones, Jerry We Preach 2016 Paperback


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