Pentecostal Authors M-N

Pentecostal Authors (M through N)

The following books are archived in our library

Author Title Publish Date Binding Style
MacArthur, John Strange Fire (Pentecostalism) 2013 Hardback
Maddon, Jan The Gift - Life After Loss 2022 Paperback
Maddox, Brenda D.H. Lawrence, (the story of a marriage) 1994 Hardback
Magee, Gordon Is Jesus In the Godhead... 2000 Paperback
Mangun, Vesta The Best of... 2017 Paperback
Marler, O.C. Five Riders and Six Horses N/A Paperback
Marler, O.C. I Followed the Whippoorwill 1995 Paperback
Marler, O.C. Treasures Plowed Up N/A Paperback
Marler, O.C. Until the Desert Blooms 1999 Paperback
Martin, Larry Charles F. Parham, The Unlikely Father of Modern Pentecostalism 2022 Paperback
Martin, Larry The Life and Ministry of William J. Seymour #1 1999 Paperback
Martin, Larry The True Believers #2 1998 Paperback
Martin, Larry Saved & Sanctified #3 1999 Paperback
Martin, Larry The Chosen Vessels #4 2010 Paperback
Martin, Larry Azusa Street Sermons #5 1999 Paperback
Martin, Larry Azusa Street Lectures, Letters, & Bible Lessons #6 2008 Paperback
Martin, Larry The Doctrines and Disciplines of the Azusa Street...#7 2000 Paperback
Martin, Larry Skeptics and Scoffers #8 2004 Paperback
Martin, Larry Wild & Weird #9 2012 Paperback
Martin, Larry From Plow to Pulpit #10 2011 Paperback
Martin, Larry Azusa Street Missionary #11 2011 Paperback
Martin, Larry How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles #12 2014 Paperback
Martin, Larry A Common Sen se Look at the Believer, the Bible and the Bottle 2020 Paperback
Martin, Larry We've Come This Far By Faith 2009 Paperback
Martin, Larry Kansas city, Here We Come 2019 Paperback
Martin, Larry In The Beginning 1994 Paperback
Martin, Larry The Topeka Outpouring of 1901 1997 Paperback
Martin, Larry The Topeka Outpouring of 1901 (Revised and expanded) 2000 Paperback
Maurey, Kenneth M. Your Bible-A Whole New World (Workbook #9) 1996 Paperback
McCool, Billy Common Questions Concerning Apostolic Doctrine N/A Paperback
McCool, Bob Double Trouble for the Devil (the McCool Twins) 1997 Paperback
Menzies, William W. Bible Doctrines, A Pentecostal Perspective 2000 Hardback
Moore, B.T. A Handbook For Soul Winners 1981 Paperback
Moore, Willa M. This Is Your Life 1977 Paperback
Morris, James The Preachers 1973 Hardback
Morris, Sam Wine, Women, and Song 1938 Paperback
Morgans, Bob How To Pray With An Adult to Receive the Holy Ghost 2002 Paperback
Morton, Vaughn Just Let It Unfold 1986 Paperback
Multiple Authors Fight On! Fear Not ! 2023 Paperback
Myers, Nicholas Bethel Begins (Orgins of Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ) 2022 Paperback
Norris, Mrs, S.G The Teachers' Doctrine Book N/A Paperback
Norwood, Matthew The Call of God To The Ministry 2005 Paperback
Nelson Christian Cornerstone Explaining the Christian Faith 1996 Paperback
Newman, Gregory W. Anthology of Communion, The 2016 Paperback
Newman, Gregory W. Creation 2018 Paperback
Newman, Gregory W. Rise and fall of Azusa, The 2016 Paperback
Newsom, Mike L. Lest We Forget 1982 Hardback
Penn-Lewis, Jessie The 1904 Revival in Wales 2012 Paperback


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