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Apostolic Archives International Inc.



Dr. Gary W. Garrett

The Apostolic Archives International Inc., was developed by it's founder, Dr. Gary W. Garrett. Gary holds eleven degrees of higher education including a Doctorate in Church History. The purpose of this historical institution is to give "Oneness" Christians, ownership of something in which they can be proud of. A place where our Apostolic heritage is displayed in a responsible manner.

Many years ago, Dr. Garrett realized the need to formulate a unique collection of materials and present the opportunity for the world to learn and appreciate the awesome heritage of "Oneness" Pentecostalism.

Included in this plethora are the accounts of the many individuals that lived before and during the "Oneness" revelation. Their contributions to the development of 20th Century Pentecostalism should be closely examined as they propagated the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with other tongues.

In the year 1913, the revolutionary message of baptism in Jesus' Name became a front and center issue for the young, Pentecostal movement. The Arroyo Seco, Camp Meeting proved to be the turning point for Pentecostalism. The restoration of baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, brought the Apostolic faith back into alignment with the apostles doctrine.

For this reason alone, the Apostolic Archives International was established...to honor and remember our illustrious heritage.