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Apostolic Tracts

Some of these tracts are rare and out of print.

Tracs are sold as a single item for $3.50 each.

Title Author Publisher Price Product Code
A Dictionary of Godhead Terms Lewis E. Manuwal GHM-UPCI $3.50 AT-1
Are You Really Living? Arthur L. Clanton PPH-UPCI $3.50 AT-2
Baptism of the Holy Spirit N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-3
Do You Know? S.R. hanby UPCI $3.50 AT-27
Especially For You N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-4
Evangelism N.A. Urshan Harvestime $3.50 AT-5
Facts Wynn T. Stairs UPCI $3.50 AT-30
Line Upon Line - Church History Periods N/A ABI $3.50 AT-6
Must Church Be Dead To Be Decent? N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-7
New Testament Salvation (Acts 2:38) N/A UPCI $3.50 AT-28
No Other Name N.A. Urshan Harvestime $3.50 AT-8
Pentecost Is Not A Denomination N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-9
Salvation You Have A Right To Know The Truth N/A ABI $3.50 AT-10
Saving Faith N/A PPH-UPCI $3.50 AT-11
Scriptural and Historical Baptism N.A. Urshan Harvestime $3.50 AT-12
Seven Reasons Why We Baptize In Jesus' Name R.C. Lawson Refuge Temple $3.50 AT-13
Should I Consider Becoming Pentecostal N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-14
So You Speak With Tongues? N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-15
Spirit of Pentecost N/A SSD-UPCI $3.50 AT-16
The First Church - You Have A Right To Know N/A ABI $3.50 AT-17
The Great Commission N/A ABI $3.50 AT-18
The New Birth Experience Michael G. Blankenship GHM-UPCI $3.50 AT-19
The Test of Sincerity N.A. Urshan Harvestime $3.50 AT-20
Unto What Were You Baptized? N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-21
Water Baptism - Historical Records Lewis E. Manuwal GHM-UPCI $3.50 AT-22
Wheel of Prohecy C.P. Kilgore UPCI $3.50 AT-23
Who Is God? (The Oneness of God) Christian Garrett Independent $3.50 AT-31
Will A Man rob God? H.J. frost UPCI $3.50 AT-29
Will Television Ever become Acceptable... M.E. Burr AMF $3.50 AT-26
You Have A Right To Know The Truth N/A ABI $3.50 AT-24
Your Important Appointment N/A SFT-UPCI $3.50 AT-25