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  Bishop William Lee Bonner

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Date Product Code
$12.00 A Curse and A Blessing N/A WB001
$12.00 A Delusion Is In the Temple N/A WB005
$12.00 A Fool's Decision 8-10-91 WB177
$12.00 All These Events Causes Satan To Go Crazy N/A WB002
$12.00 All These Walls Are Going To Come Down 1995 WB004
$12.00 An Atmosphere With God that Causes A Miracle N/A WB169
$12.00 Apostolic Doctrinal Truth (Live Radio Show) N/A WB173
$12.00 Asking God For the Impossible... N/A WB006
$12.00 Beast Released In the End Time N/A WB007
$12.00 Because You Are Lukewarn N/A WB008
$12.00 Between Me and Victory Is A Wall... N/A WB009
$12.00 Can God Do What He Said N/A WB071
$12.00 Certainty of the Apostolic Faith & Doctrine N/A WB179
$12.00 Chaos N/A WB073
$12.00 Chosen To Be Blessed N/A WB072
$12.00 Christmas Caused A Scene N/A WB010
$12.00 Come Out of the Back Room, Why Doubt God N/A WB154
$12.00 Conquers N/A WB070
$12.00 Delusion In the Temple N/A WB011
$12.00 Derailed Saints N/A WB016
$12.00 Discover God In The Midst of Your Trouble N/A WB175
$12.00 Discovering God In the Midst of the Storm N/A WB012
$12.00 Do I Have To Go Through This Wilderness 2006 WB166
$12.00 Don't Make Me Your Prisoner 1990 WB013
$12.00 Don't Sell It N/A WB170
$12.00 Don't Worry About Your Enemies N/A WB015
$12.00 Doub't the Enemy of Us All N/A WB014
$12.00 Every Man Must Cross His River N/A WB018
$12.00 Expect A Miracle In Difficult Circumstances N/A WB017
$12.00 Failure To Overcome Is Disastrous N/A WB024
$12.00 Faith That Works In Tough Times N/A WB022
$12.00 Faith Without Courage Is Dead N/A WB025
$12.00 First 100 Years of the Church 1978 WB021
$12.00 For With God All Things Are Possible N/A WB020
$12.00 Formed By God N/A WB019
$12.00 Forty Year Old God 1980 WB003
$12.00 Free From These Chains N/A WB023
$12.00 From This Position I Will Not Retreat 10-10-87 WB178
$12.00 Give Me A Double Portion 1982 WB028
$12.00 God Created A Problem Man Can't Solve N/A WB026
$12.00 God's Decree N/A WB027
$12.00 God's Things Are Never Done In the Dark N/A WB029
$12.00 Guaranteed Success N/A WB030
$12.00 He That Speaketh In An Unknown Tongue N/A WB031
$12.00 How Can Someone Like You Forget... N/A WB033
$12.00 How Long Before the Morning N/A WB034
$12.00 How To Survive A Sinking Ship N/A WB032
$12.00 How To Survive the Storm N/A WB036
$12.00 How To Worship N/A WB035
$12.00 I Have Ask For A Hard Thing... N/A WB043
$12.00 I Know We Have the Victory N/A WB051
$12.00 I Know What I Saw N/A WB037
$12.00 I Refuse To Accept Your No As the Answer 1982 WB049
$12.00 I Refuse To Take the Mark N/A WB045
$12.00 I Swear 1996 WB040
$12.00 I Will Not Be Deceived 8-24-89 WB174
$12.00 I Will Spit You Out N/A WB050
$12.00 I'll Make It, All I Need Is Heavens Help N/A WB047
$12.00 I'm God's Choice 2006 WB165
$12.00 In the Year 2000 the Battle Is Won N/A WB044
$12.00 I've Been Waiting All Night For My Miracle N/A WB042
$12.00 If God Said It, It Will Be N/A WB041
$12.00 If This Prayer Does Not Go Through, I'm Lost N/A WB048
$12.00 If You Can't Feel It, It Isn't Real N/A WB046
$12.00 If You Don't Give Him the Glory... 2006 WB164
$12.00 If You Move Yourself There Will Be A Miracle N/A WB039
$12.00 It Must Be Done God's Way N/A WB038
$12.00 It's A One Man Invasion 1996 WB052
$12.00 It's Not A One Day Thing... 1989 WB163
$12.00 Jesus Christ or the Koran N/A WB053
$12.00 Knowing Who You Are Up Against N/A WB054
$12.00 Listening To the Wrong People N/A WB055
$12.00 Living In the Past N/A WB168
$12.00 Let the Fire Burn N/A WB056
$12.00 Love...What the World Needs Today 1985 WB057
$12.00 Matthew 9:18 11-10-82 WB180
$12.00 Matthew 15:22 N/A WB176
$12.00 Men In Mid-Life Crises (part-1) N/A WB59A
$12.00 Men In Mid-Life Crises (part-2) N/A WB59B
$12.00 Men In Mid-Life Crises (part-3) N/A WB59C
$12.00 Men In Mid-Life Crises (part-4) N/A WB59D
$12.00 Men In Mid-Life Crises (part-5) N/A WB59E
$12.00 Men Pull Up Your Pants N/A WB060
$12.00 My Glory I'll Not Give to Another N/A WB058
$12.00 New Years Eve 1994 WB062
$12.00 Ninteen Hundred Years Ago N/A WB063
$12.00 No Weapon That Is Formed Against Thee... N/A WB061
$12.00 Oh Father N/A WB066
$12.00 Oh Soul How Long Will You Be Imprisoned N/A WB064
$12.00 One Place Where Satan Cannot Come 7-24-79 WB171
$12.00 Overcoming N/A WB065
$12.00 Point Your Finger At What You Want N/A WB067
$12.00 Praise Hi, He's Worthy N/A WB069
$12.00 Putting Your Emotions To Sleep N/A WB068
$12.00 Raising Hell N/A WB075
$12.00 Saints Under Pressure 1992 WB077
$12.00 Sanctified By the Truth N/A WB078
$12.00 Satan Must Be Destroyed N/A WB085
$12.00 Satan No Deal N/A WB076
$12.00 Satan What Are You Doing In Church 1989 WB087
$12.00 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down N/A WB074
$12.00 Set My Bush On Fire 1990 WB081
$12.00 Some Will Make It and Some Won't N/A WB086
$12.00 Something Must Be Done N/A WB088
$12.00 Son, Why Did You Leave Home N/A WB082
$12.00 Spiritual Birthright N/A WB079
$12.00 Stopped the Mouths of Lions N/A WB083
$12.00 Surviving A Most Chaotic Situation N/A WB080
$12.00 Surviving In the Desert N/A WB084
$12.00 Take the A Train N/A WB130
$12.00 Teaching N/A WB181
$12.00 Thank God These Chains Are Broken N/A WB136
$12.00 That Which Is Not Known of God... 1982 WB133
$12.00 That Which Is of God Cannot Be Stopped N/A WB124
$12.00 The Beast and Praise 1988 WB098
$12.00 The Beast Is In the Temple N/A WB097
$12.00 The Blood of Jesus N/A WB090
$12.00 The Christmas Story 1995 WB132
$12.00 The Day That God Put the Devil Out... 1991 WB100
$12.00 The Deceitfulness of Wrong Thinking N/A WB109
$12.00 The Devestating Pains of Unbelief and Fear N/A WB118
$12.00 The Door Is Open N/A WB126
$12.00 The Emancipated N/A WB096
$12.00 The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail N/A WB140
$12.00 The Godhead N/A WB092
$12.00 The God Who Creates Problems N/A WB113
$12.00 The Greatest Miracle N/A WB127
$12.00 The Hidden Truth N/A WB115
$12.00 The History of Christianity N/A WB123
$12.00 The I Am Will Bring A Miracle Today N/A WB119
$12.00 The Inner Explosion N/A WB121
$12.00 The Internal Struggle N/A WB094
$12.00 The Invasion of A Satanic World N/A WB120
$12.00 The Jesus Only Congregation N/A WB091
$12.00 The Jesus Way N/A WB104
$12.00 The Lockout of Jesus Christ N/A WB093
$12.00 The Mark of the Beast Is In the Land N/A WB122
$12.00 The Miracle Is In Your Mouth N/A WB106
$12.00 The Name People 1980 WB089
$12.00 The Pain of Unbelief N/A WB101
$12.00 The Presence of God 1992 WB105
$12.00 The Problem God N/A WB103
$12.00 The Prodical Son N/A WB143
$12.00 The Rejected Always Triumph N/A  WB072 
$12.00 The Rejected Form N/A WB099
$12.00 The Rejection of the Truth N/A WB129
$12.00 The Saints Are Assured Victory N/A WB138
$12.00 The Spiritual Condition of the Church 1985 WB135
$12.00 The Storm Is About Over N/A WB137
$12.00 The Theology of Death 1995 WB128
$12.00 The Things That Alpha Can Do N/A WB117
$12.00 The Time Is Right 1989 WB125
$12.00 The Tormented Saints N/A WB112
$12.00 The Tragedy of Tragedies N/A WB162
$12.00 The Ultimate of One's Desire N/A WB095
$12.00 There Is No Further Need For Doubt N/A WB134
$12.00 There Must Be A Seperation N/A WB142
$12.00 There Will Be A Miracle This Time Tomorrow N/A WB139
$12.00 These Are They Who Cannot Be Stopped N/A WB110
$12.00 They Say God Isn't Able, But I Say More N/A WB107
$12.00 They Worshipped Him N/A WB102
$12.00 This Demon We Will Defeat N/A WB131
$12.00 This Foundation Cannot Be Moved N/A WB141
$12.00 This Ship Is About To Sink N/A WB116
$12.00 This Vessel Must Be Broken N/A WB114
$12.00 This Victory Is Assured N/A WB111
$12.00 Those Who Pray N/A WB108
$12.00 Under Pressure To Conform N/A WB144
$12.00 We Have Come To Worship Him N/A WB182
$12.00 What Are You Gaing To Do 1982 WB149
$12.00 When Hell Rise's Against A Child of God N/A WB145
$12.00 When Satan Sends For Help... N/A WB151
$12.00 When the Victory Fully Came N/A WB153
$12.00 When Was The Last Trime You Praised God N/A WB146
$12.00 When Was the Last Time You Praised the Lord 1988 WB148
$12.00 Who Gave You Permission To Break This... N/A WB147
$12.00 Will She Survive This Famine N/A WB152
$12.00 With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible N/A WB150
$12.00 Ye Are My Witness 1982 WB167
$12.00 You Are Chosen To Be Blessed 1982 WB159
$12.00 You Can Bind Me, But You Can't Hold Me N/A WB155
$12.00 You Can Depend On Jesus N/A WB157
$12.00 You Might Not Believe My Story... 1987 WB158
$12.00 You Must Also Be Free From These Chains N/A WB160
$12.00 Your Prayer Is Answered, Wait For the Victory N/A WB161
$12.00 Your Wammie Won't Work N/A WB156