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Bayer, Robert E. (UPCI)
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Rev. Robert E. Bayer




Date Product Code
$12.00 A New Spirit Renews People 8-30-59 RBA035
$12.00 Abram Drove Them Away 1964 RBA034
$12.00 Back To Pentecost N/A RBA033
$12.00 Beware of Strangers  N/A  RBA018 
$12.00 Doctrine, Conviction or Preference N/A RBA021
$12.00 Dry Bones  N/A  RBA017 
$12.00 Good Bye To Glory 1-25-94 RBA036
$12.00 I Peter 1 and 2 (part-1) 1989  RBA012 
$12.00 I Peter 1 and 2 (part-2) 1989 RBA013
$12.00 I Peter 4 and 5 1989 RBA014
$12.00 Hogs For Jesus N/A RBA020
$12.00 Importunity/Blind Bartemeus N/A RBA004
$12.00 It's Not Over Till Its Over N/A RBA011
$12.00 Now-Now "Not" By-By N/A RBA010
$12.00 Oh That Men Would Praise the Lord N/A RBA030
$12.00 One Thing the Devil and I Agree On N/A RBA027
$12.00 Repentance N/A RBA002
$12.00 So Great Salvation N/A RBA007
$12.00 The Godhead N/A RBA032
$12.00 The Great Jerusalem Revival N/A RBA031
$12.00 The Heritage of the New Testament Church N/A RBA023
$12.00 The Incomparable Christ N/A RBA025
$12.00 The Snare Is Broken N/A RBA016
$12.00 That Which Was From The Beginning N/A RBA008
$12.00 The Glory of the Cross N/A RBA009
$12.00 The Intruder N/A RBA006
$12.00 Troubled Minds, Weart Hearts N/A RBA024
$12.00 Wanted, More Fools 11-24-94 RBA037
$12.00 What Is Truth N/A RBA003
$12.00 What Must I Do To Be Saved N/A RBA026
$12.00 Whatsoever He Saith, Do It N/A RBA001
$12.00 We Never Saw It In This Fashion N/A RBA022
$12.00 When Doctrine Becomes Conviction N/A RBA005
$12.00 When To Keep Your Mouth Shut 1989 RBA015
$12.00 Why I Am A Pentecostal N/A RBA019