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Becton, Cleveland M. (UPCI)
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  Rev. Cleveland M. Becton




Date Product Code Quality
$12.00 Anointed With Fresh Oil 2000 CB019 Good
$12.00 Building An Extra Room N/A CB001  
$12.00 For God So Loved That He Gave 1985 CB003  
$12.00 Heaven N/A CB008  
$12.00 He That Hath An Ear 1985 CB005  
$12.00 I Believe I Will Know The Day 1985 CB004  
$12.00 Jesus Eliminated the Evidence Against Us N/A CB018  
$12.00 Kentucky Camp 1985 CB002  
$12.00 No Evidence, No Conviction 2002 CB012  
$12.00 Old Time Pentecost 2002 CB013  
$12.00 School of Missions 1986 CB016  
$12.00 School of Missions (Morning) 1991 CB017  
$12.00 Spiritual Blood Clot N/A CB009  
$12.00 The Cry of Loneliness N/A CB007  
$12.00 The Lost Chord 1987 CB006  
$12.00 What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life N/A CB010  
$12.00 Why 2002 CB014  
$12.00 Worship N/A CB011