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Brisbin, Lawrence E. (PAW)
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Bishop Lawrence E. Brisbin

Price Title Date Product Code
$12.00 I John 2 N/A LEB15
$12.00 All His Benefits N/A LEB08
$12.00 And If Children Then Heirs N/A LEB29
$12.00 Apostolic World Christian Fellowship Conference. 1981 LEB01
$12.00 Be Ye Followers of God N/A LEB07
$12.00 Behold Your God N/A LEB06
$12.00 Best Study of Man is God Himself, The N/A LEB39
$12.00 Blessed of God N/A LEB05
$12.00 Every Place That The Place of Your Foot... N/A LEB30
$12.00 Expect Trouble N/A LEB28
$12.00 Eye N/A LEB27
$12.00 Faith Is From God N/A LEB26
$12.00 Faithful Saying's N/A LEB25
$12.00 For Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing N/A LEB24
$12.00 God Doesn't Change His Mind N/A LEB23
$12.00 God Is Going To Shake Things N/A LEB22
$12.00 God is the God of the Hills and Valleys N/A LEB21
$12.00 Have A Positive Outlook N/A LEB20
$12.00 He Did Not Render Back to God N/A LEB19
$12.00 He Saved Us and Called Us N/A LEB18
$12.00 Heart N/A LEB17
$12.00 Holy Ghost Works On Everybody, The N/A LEB38
$12.00 I Heard the Voice and I Was Afraid N/A LEB16
$12.00 James N/A LEB13
$12.00 James 1 N/A LEB14
$12.00 James 4:2 N/A LEB12
$12.00 James 4:3 N/A LEB11
$12.00 Jesus N/A LEB10
$12.00 Jesus Is Our Example N/A LEB09
$12.00 Just Lord Knows What He is Doing, The N/A LEB37
$12.00 Let Not your Heart Be Troubled N/A LEB47
$12.00 Lord is My Shepherd, The N/A LEB36
$12.00 Lord is Our Refuge, The N/A LEB35
$12.00 Marriage 9-3-85 LEB03
$12.00 No Man Can Serve Two Masters N/A LEB46
$12.00 Not By Might N/A LEB45
$12.00 Ordination Message of New Bishop 8-6-86 LEB04
$12.00 Power of the Lord was Present to Heal, The N/A LEB34
$12.00 Proverbs 8 N/A LEB44
$12.00 Proverbs 8:1 N/A LEB43
$12.00 Psalms 64:1-7 N/A LEB42
$12.00 Quicken Me, Make Me Alive N/A LEB41
$12.00 Responsibility of Marriage 9-4-85 LEB02
$12.00 Save Yourself N/A LEB40
$12.00 Truth N/A LEB33
$12.00 Two Masters N/A LEB32
$12.00 Who Is Like Unto Thee N/A LEB31