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Burr, Murray E. (Poem Collection)

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Murray E. Burr

This is a collection of poems written by the author

Title Price Product Code
A Memo To The Politically Correct $5.00 MEBP1
Ashes From Yesterday's Camp-Fire $5.00 MEBP2
Awaiting The Unveiling $5.00 MEBP3
Celebrate The Dawn $5.00 MEBP4
Clio $5.00 MEBP5
Cydney Ellen $5.00 MEBP6
First Love $5.00 MEBP7
I'm Riding Off $5.00 MEBP8
Insignificant $5.00 MEBP9
Judas Iscariot $5.00 MEBP10
Little Rock $5.00 MEBP11
Mountain Passes In My Passing $5.00 MEBP12
My Song In The Night $5.00 MEBP13
O'Brien $5.00 MEBP14
Pacific $5.00 MEBP15
Perspective $5.00 MEBP16
Poetry In A Skillet $5.00 MEBP17
Short and Sweet $5.00 MEBP18
Vandals $5.00 MEBP19
Renewal $5.00 MEBP20
The Afterglow $5.00 MEBP21
The Branding $5.00 MEBP22
The Call $5.00 MEBP23
The Parting Of The Veil $5.00 MEBP24
The Portrait Of A Fighting Man $5.00 MEBP25
The Symptoms Of Hypochondria $5.00 MEBP26
Things Fall Apart $5.00 MEBP27
Treacherous Trails $5.00 MEBP28
T'was A While Before Christmas $5.00 MEBP29
When The Rains Came $5.00 MEBP30
Winter Times $5.00 MEBP31