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The Word of God

Written by: Bishop G.T. Haywood

Printed in: The Voice In The Wilderness - (Volume 4 - Number 1, 1935)

That we have heretofore been called on to suffer for the testimony of jesus christ, (i. e., to witness the Holy Spirit indwelling in the human body is manifested by speaking in other tongues) every Spirit-filled child of God will readily admit;If we will read Revelation 1:9 we will read that John the Beloved was cast upon the Isle of Patmos, not only for the Testimony of Jesus Christ but for the WORD of GOD, also.

Many fell under the testings and the reproach that came upon us for taking a infinate stand on the Truth that no man as filled with the holy Ghost apart from a manifestation of speaking in other tongues; while on the other hand, Godpreserved a remnant who would go through with Him, and establish His WORD in their hearts. Mighty men arose and many went back to their "tents"; but the WORD OF GOD ramained unchanged. Today, we are approaching another critical moment and we are to bear, not only afflictions, persecutions and reproaches for the Testimony of Christ, but for the WORD OF GOD as it is written, as well.

There have been many ways of salvation, equally as many ways as there are denominations, and every one who came to the Pentecostal Movement, brought with him his traditional "way" of Salvation; but the WORD OF GOD declares that there is but one way and that Way is Christ. jesus said to His disciples: "I AM THE WAY;" and again, "I AM THE DOOR; if any man enter in, he shall be saved." And another place, He declares that "except a man be born of Water and Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." In order that we might be sure to know him, the Good Shepherd of the sheep, He entered in the Door before us. To find the Door into which He entered we only need to turn to the blessed scene at the Jordan River; there it was that He made unto us the example of "entering in." It was when He came straightway out of the WATER, that the Heavens were opened and the SPIRIT descended like a dove upon him and the voice of the Eternal Spirit declared Him to be the Beloved Son, in whom Je was well pleased.

What could be plainer than this, that to become a Son of God we must need be baptized in WATER and the HOLY GHOST! This is the basis upon which we take our stand that to become a true Son of God, we must be born of WATER and SPIRIT. And because we take this stand for the WORD of GOD, we are rejected and reproached on every side: but like John the Beloved we will gladly bear the reproach for His Name's sake.

Truly the WORD OF GOD is sweet as honey in our mouths; but as soon as we eat it, it becometh bitter in our belly. It is sweet to read the Precious Word of God but when the time comes for a performance of the Same, many turn away and "walk no more" with Him. While we are so desirious of seeing people saved, why not have the same desire to see them saved according to god's way and plan? If God made it known to us through the WORD that it was necessary for a man to be born again before he can enter into the Kingdom of God, why not go to the same WORD for instruction as to how this new birth must be brought about. That is what God is putting upon our hearts today.

I believe the time is near, and is even now at hand, when the Gospel of christ cannot be successfully preached without having WATER near at hand for the immediate immersing of penitent sinners who are stung by conviction through the preaching of Christ Jesus as the only remedy for their sinful condition. "The grass withereth; the flower thereof falleth away; but the WORD of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the WORD which by the Gospel is preached unto you. Amen! 1 Peter 1:24-25. - G.T. Haywood




G.T. Haywood