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How To Conduct Services

Written By: Bishop G.T. Haywood
Reprinted By: The Christian Outlook (1926)

How to conduct a Pentecostal Service is a thing much needed in many places. It is impossible to run them on old formal lines. In the Word of God there are many suggestions.

A service may be conducted by prayers, but more often by singing. The spirit of a song is a great attraction to a spiritual meeting. Songs that have depth to them are always best. Perhaps three or four songs before prayer. This may be followed with a Praise Service, permitting all to take part, whether saints or church members. The Word of God says: “Declare His doings among the people.” a Testimony Meeting is merely relating what the Lord is “doing” in one’s life. (See Isaiah 12). There should not be too much of a jubilee spirit in the service, otherwise a sober, thinking person would become disgusted and turn away. We are exhorted to be sober, and also as “wise as serpents”.

The preaching of the Word should not be too lengthy, especially when we see that the congregation is weary and any leaving the services . A sermon right to the point is most effective.

At the close of the service several good songs appealing to the unsaved or backsliders, will no doubt carry great weight of conviction. Above all things consider God, both prayer and praise, and on testimonies and sermon. Pray in the beginning. Pray during the service. Pray in the end.

G. T. Haywood

Bishop G.T. Haywood