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The Only True God

Written By: G.T. Haywood

Published By: The Christian Outlook (May, 1950)


With reverence and adoration we bow our knees unto Jesus Christ the “Victim of the Flaming Sword” to give to our god the glory due His name. And we now make mention that His name is exalted above every name that is in heaven and in earth. Hence, the demons of hell are enraged, the religious world is astonished, and the tents of the fearful pilgrims are being violently shaken by the rushing mighty wind that is moving through the land proclaiming the NAME of the Lord. He who was slain is worthy.

We have beheld the Lamb of God. We have honored the Prince of Peace. We have rejoiced in the Rock of our salvation, and have walked in the Light of Life. We have seen that Christ was our Shepherd as well as the door of the fold. He is the root and offspring of David, as well as his son and his Lord. We have claimed Him as our High Priest in heaven, and the offering that was slain for our sins. He is the Temple of God and the Shewbread, the vail, the altar, and the Lamb. He was Servant and master at the same time. We have found Him to be the foundation of the Church, and the Chief Corner Stone thereof. He is a Destroying Storm, and covert as well from the Tempest. Considering all these things, it is no wonder that the people cried, “What manner of man is this?” “Who art Thou? Whom maketh Thou thyself?”

Bishop G.T. Haywood