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Heritage Museum

WELCOME to Heritage Museum. The museum is a revolutionary, first of it's kind institution. Created for the sole purpose of "CONNECTING GENERATIONS" through the ART of VISUAL EFFECTS. From it's inception (1999) the MHOFM has been dedicated to bestowing HONOR on men and women who have served in Apostolic ministry, beginning, January 1, 1901 until the present. We believe that through the ART of VISUAL EFFECTS, each generation will have the opportunity to learn important history lessons concerning those who have paved the way for them. With the help and cooperation of many people, the MHOFM has been able to collect and display artifacts of a personal nature that were owned or used by some of the most recognized LEGENDS in modern APOSTOLIC TIMES. 

Showcases in the Museum display an array of memorabilia from the following individuals: Bishop M.E. Golder, Bishop W.L. Bonner, Bishop James A. Johnson, Bishop G.T. Haywood, Bishop A.J. Street, Elder Robert F. Tobin, Elder Gus Hogan, Elder C.W. Shew, Rev. James L. Kilgore, Elder B.A. Spell, Elder Irvin L. Baxter SR., Elder Bill Bowman, First Lady Betty Golder, Dr. William J. Garrett, Rev. Nathaniel A. Urshan, Elder Jack Langham, Elder Alonzo Wilson, Bishop J.B. Lambeth, First Lady Mickey Garrett, First Lady Juana J. Johnson, First Lady Dorothy A. Spell, Elder Ray Majors, Rev. Stanley Wachtstetter, Rev. Viley A. Guidroz, Rev. D.L. Welch, Rev. George Glass SR., Elder Robert C. Cavaness, Elder Chris Gilmer, Elder Jesse Hudson, Elder Joseph Meade, Rev. John Kershaw, and Elder Steve Hancock.

The HERITAGE MUSEUM COLLECTIONS COMMITTEE includes; Coordinator, Dr. Gary W. Garrett and his staff; Bishop Bernie Wade, Rev. Mark Grisham, Elder Mike Riley, and Elder Jeremy Wells. All collections are under the careful  protection of the HMCC.



Apostolic Heritage Museum

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