Apostolic Ministerial Hall of Fame
Apostolic Archives International



The Apostolic Archives International is proud to honor men and women of faith for their lifetime achievements as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each year a selected number of names are nominated for induction into the Apostolic Ministerial Hall of Fame. Below is a list of our HOF members. Please select a name, then click, and their bio will appear.

  William E. Booth-Clibborn (Class of 2013)
  Arthur T. Morgan (Class of 2013)
  Carl Joseph Ballestero (Class of 2013)
  Stanley R. Hanby (Class of 2012)
  Tom Fred Tenney (Class of 2012)
  Charles R. Grisham (Class of 2012)
  Smallwood Edmond Williams (Class of 2011)
  Thomas L. Craft (Class of 2011)
  Alfred Singleton (Class of 2011)
  Murray Eugene Burr (Class of 2010)
  Cleveland M. Becton (Class of 2010)
  Paul A. Bowers (Class of 2010)
  Tom Willis Barnes (Class of 2010)
  Gerald Archie Mangun (Class of 2009)
  Bervick Atwood Spell (Class of 2009)
  Sherrod C. Johnson (Class of 2009)
  J.T. Pugh (Class of 2009)
  William H. (Billy) Cole (Class of 2009)
  Norman L. Wagner (Class of 2009)
  Karl Franklin Smith (Class of 2008)
  Clyde Joseph Haney (Class of 2008)
  Viley Able Guidroz (Class of 2008))
  Joseph Rex Dyson (Class of 2008)
  Samuel Nathan Hancock (Class of 2007)
  James E. Tyson (Class of 2007)
  William Lee Bonner (Class of 2007)
  Garfield Thomas Haywood (Class of 2007)
  James Archibald Johnson (Class of 2006)
  James Leroy Kilgore (Class of 2006)
  Chester Walton Shew (Class of 2006)
  Nathaniel Andrew Urshan (Class of 2005)
  Frank J. Ewart (Class of 2005)
  William Joseph Seymour (Class of 2005)
  Arlie Otis Holmes (Class of 2004)
  Robert Clarence Lawson (Class of 2004)
  Jimmy Davis (Class of 2004)
  Morris Ellis Golder (Class of 2003)
  Olivar F. Fauss (Class of 2003)
  David Gray (Class of 2003)
  William Odell Bowman (Class of 2002)
  Howard Archibald Goss (Class of 2002)
  Joe Duke (Class of 2002)
  Frank Bartleman (Class of 2001)
  William Joseph Garrett (Class of 2001)
  Claude P. Kilgore (Class of 2001)
  Guy E. Roam (Class of 2000)
  Robert Franklin Tobin (Class of 2000)
  Samuel Joshua Grimes (Class of 2000)
  Glenn A. Cook (Class of 1999)
  Robert Clarence Cavaness (Class of 1999)
  Verbal Winston Bean (Class of 1999)